Need Something New?

Rough Ins


Some plumbers don't do both service and new work. We take on the challenge of doing both. We take our time and assure the job turns out looking good. Even though the plumbing gets hidden behind the walls, we like to make sure that it works perfectly, up to code and looks pretty behind the wall.  

We use all types of material that are asked on the job. Some customers still ask for copper to be installed in their new home or addition while others feel that PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) is the way to go for the simple reason of cost. There are two types of PEX that we use, one is your traditional PEX. With this type of PEX, the manufacture recommends running it like the picture to the right. It involves running hundreds of feet of pipe and every fixture (i.e. toilet, sink, shower, ect.). The other type of PEX is called UPONOR. This type of pipe looks just like PEX and functions the same way. The difference between the two is the with UPONOR, you can run it the same way as copper which means less pipe and they have special fitting that allow the maximum amount of water to be delivered to your faucet.  

When it comes to running drains, just about everyone chooses to run them in plastic. It is a lot cheaper then running them in copper or in cast iron and last just as long. We run all of our drains in SCH 40 PVC. SCH 40 is normal when running drains. We like to use PVC because when installed the right way and taking care of how it is installed, it looks a lot cleaner then other plastic pipe. We also like it because it comes in different categories. They come in either solid or foam core. Solid is the best choice when you are running drains anywhere for the house to cut down on noise and when you are burying it, the pipe is much stiffer to prevent any sagging. We use foam core when we run vents to help cut cost. 


Another Complete Rough In

Power Vent Water Heater

power vent water heater

The original water heater was only 5 years old but we decided it would be better to replace it while the house was still gutted.

New Drains and Water Lines

rough ins

New drains and water lines for the bathroom on the second floor.

Kitchen Sink Drain

indoor vent system

Installed new kitchen sink drain using the new Studor Vent style hook up.

New Tub

tub surround

New tub and tub surround.

Uponor Water Lines

uponor water lines

Water lines and drain are straight as an arrow.

Sewer Line

PVC pipe

The final tie in in the basement.