Water Service Repairs

Do You Have a Leak in Your Yard or Basement?

A water line leaking can cause panic and can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially if you have water leaking in your yard or leaking into your basement. We can help you with that and put your mind at ease. Most of the time, those leaks can be fixed with a repair. Other times, depending on the piping material, they have to be replaced but that could be a plus because you do not want some bad piping material coming into your house especially if it is lead. We make all of our water service repairs using the highest quality fittings to make sure that the pipe does not leak again in the future. 

If you have water leaking into your basement, most of the time the leak is just on the other side of the basement wall. It is usually caused by settling of the house which puts a lot of strain on the pipe causing it to split. When that happens, we usually remove that pipe and put a sleeve through the wall to protect it from settling.