Willingboro Township


JFK Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been gladly working in Willingboro for nearly 35 years. We have a lot of experience working in all the houses in Willingboro that Levitt built and know just about everything that he did to the homes when they were first built. That includes where water lines are, where the sewers are and the different types of material he used when building the homes. Although some can argue that he put the homes together poorly, he did have reasons behind what he did to the homes. There are 2 main reasons for what he did: cost and time. Levitt did what he could to cut the cost down and to build the homes as fast as he could. 

With that being said, after 40 plus years, the things he did cut cost on start to fall apart. One of the main things that do cause a lot of residents problems is the sewer line. When Levitt built the homes, the Plumbing Code did not exist like it does today and when he ran the sewers for the homes, he used Orangeburg pipe. Orangeburg was originally made for conduit and storm drains. But that was what Levitt used and it worked for 40 plus years. The reason it does not work with sewage is because as warm water runs through the bottom of the pipe, the pipe starts to get soft and eventually the bottom starts to cave in and the sewer collapses causing water to over flow out of either your toilet or in the bath tub. Although the sewer is backed up, does not mean the sewer needs to be replaced right away, (in most cases) the sewer line can be snaked out and by the resident some time until they set money away to have it replaced. 

The proper way to replace the sewer is to take it from the cast iron pipe that exits the house and replace the sewer to the township main. If you do not remove all of the Orangeburg, to sewer will back up again and you will have to dig the sewer back up to replace the section that was left in the ground. 

DO NOT LET OTHER COMPANIES SCAM YOU INTO THINKING YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE SEWER RIGHT AWAY UNLESS THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME IT BACKED UP. There are a lot of companies that scare people into replacing their sewer right away so it does not give them enough time to get other estimates. So please do not panic and call another company if this happens to you.

ANOTHER BIG SCAM IS REPAIRS. IF THE SEWER LINE WAS NOT REPLACED BY A PREVIOUS OWNER, DO NOT REPAIR THE SEWER, REPLACE IT. YOU WILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM IN THE FUTURE IF IT IS NOT COMPLETELY REPLACED. The reason these companies do this is so that you keep calling them back for future sewer issues. We replace them so that the resident does not have any more problems in the future.